Three years in and the best part’s still coming

Three years in and the best part’s still coming

Well I guess it’s official … it’s almost precisely three years since I launched and celebrated it with the first blog post here. This feels like it calls for another entry into ye olde archive: a quick snapshot at least of what’s been achieved.

I’m intrigued to see that my last blog post here was one talking about how I’d launched a simplified and more functional version of my website’s homepage. The last few years that I’ve been tinkering with this site (still just in my spare time), I’ve been trying to build on that same core idea: it has to be functional rather than flashy, and intuitive rather than complex.

I have a feeling the site is going to receive some professional design attention in the not-too-distant future, but for the sake of the history here are a few screenshots of exactly where the site is right now.

1) The homepage is even simpler … with a ‘Google-like’ (my inspiration) searchbox being top-and-centre

2) There is now a single unified ‘Go’ page / shareable link available for every single mapcode generated (instead of offering different links for different purposes I realised it was way less restrictive to offer a single link that could do everything)

3) And finally, the Mapcode result page itself is also simpler and requires fewer button clicks than ever to achieve all you’d really want to here:

And that’s it, folks. As rewarding as it is to think of everything that has been achieved over the last three years in terms of the website itself and also the speeches and stakeholder engagements I’ve been honoured to deliver over these years … there’s ALWAYS that feeling of “I should have done more.”

Watch this space. The next three years is where we get into low-earth orbit (to build off the analogy from my first blog post). That’s a promise.

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